How To Know When to Quit Your Job

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Chances are you’ve heard of The Great Resignation, and you might be wondering if it’s time to quit your job too.  There are many reasons behind the movement, but burnout and suppressed career movement during the pandemic are significant contributors. Right now is a great time to be a job seeker. Companies across the country are offering hiring incentives. Hiring managers have learned that virtual employees can be successful, leading to more of these open positions.   Sure, making a move is nerve-wracking, but staying in a job because it’s comfortable or you are afraid of making a change is no good either.  We spend too much time at work for it not to be engaging. 

You are unhappy at work

The number one sign that it’s time to quit your job is if you are genuinely unhappy at work. First, ask yourself what is it that makes you unhappy.  Is it that you don’t like the work you are doing or the organization? Does the company mission, purpose, and values align with your own? If you love the company and people but don’t like your job,  consider moving into a different position to try out something new.   

Employees are happier when there’s alignment between their core values and the company values and mission.  It is easier to work at an organization where you believe in the product and direction of the company.  If this is missing for you, it could be time to find a better fit.

You are too comfortable

You might be stagnant if you have been doing the same job for more than two years without any different challenges at work.  You’re so familiar with the work statement that you can do it in your sleep.  When your job is comfortable, you are probably not furthering your development.  If your job isn’t not staying on top of new technology or industry developments, you could get left behind for future career opportunities. If you have asked for stretch assignments that haven’t come through, it’s a good indicator that it’s time to go.

Salary growth isn’t keeping uppacks-163497

Inflation is at a record high for 2021, at 5.4% for September. When you’ve been in a job for a long time without any promotions, your salary probably hasn’t kept up with the market. On the other hand, maybe you aren’t being paid for newly acquired skills or education.  Do some salary research for your local market on Glassdoor or PayScale to get a general idea of the range for your position.  If you’re otherwise happy in your job, first try to negotiate for a higher salary with your manager. If that doesn’t work, it’s probably time to brushing up on your interview skills.

 You have outgrown the company

You know you’ve outgrown the company when you don’t see viable career growth moving forward.  Maybe it’s a small business, and there isn’t room for career development. On the other hand, there could also be a bottleneck somewhere in your career path. If you have outgrown your company, have an honest conversation with your leader to explain the situation.  Let them know your feelings and that you’re looking for a bigger challenge.  You might be surprised with an exciting project that keeps you fulfilled, but if not, at least you know it’s time to move on.

You’re ready for a significant change

You are ready to switch industries or move into a completely new career path. If this is you, congratulations on following your dreams! While it’s not always easy to break into a new area, it can be incredibly satisfying to do something you love.  Be sure to update your resume to target the new position and  identify interview stories that demonstrate the skills needed in the role.

Regardless of why you are leaving an organization, it’s crucial to remain on good terms with your employer if possible.  You never know when circumstances change in the future.  So connect with your former colleagues on LinkedIn and meet up for networking.  Also, look for business alumni groups, which are an excellent way to stay engaged and leave the door slightly ajar for future opportunities that may better fit.

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