Here is a sampling of the testimonials we’ve received from past clients. You can also see what our clients have said on Yelp. We look forward to earning your business and adding your testimonial here.

“After your coaching last fall, I started doing much better in my interviews and ultimately landed two offers last August. I appreciate your coaching and help on interview prep- it was so vital, helping me land not one but two offers, and achieve my “moonshot” salary goal :)” – AB

“After we worked together, I got offered a job in my very next interview!  You helped me to organize my thoughts, stay focused on what’s important, and be succinct – THANK YOU!! Now I’m in a great position. I’ll highly recommend you and Deneise to everyone who is looking to get help with interviewing – you were helpful even for someone in education.” – PS

 “Megan, I got the senior AM role and have been at Amazon for 2 months now! I wanted to send you a huge thanks for all your help. You were amazing and helped me build my confidence for the interviews a ton! Couldn’t have done it without you 🙂  Thanks so much!!  I’ll definitely be reaching out again whenever I decide to move roles again :D” – DM 

“Amie helped me so much when I was at a standstill in my job search. I knew interviewing was where I was getting tripped up, but I wasn’t sure why. Amie helped me understand how my previous answers were missing the mark and gave me the tools to turn them into short, meaningful stories that demonstrated my real value. Her tips and tricks made approaching interview prep super easy. And she also has tons of insider insight into what specific companies look for during their interview processes. In fact, two weeks after our coaching session, I got my dream job. I can’t recommend Amie enough!” – JG

“I had the pleaser of working with Amie on my grad school applications.  I was blown away by the love, compassion and immense knowledge she guided me with.  She gave me the confidence I needed when submitting the applications.  I am excited and grateful to say I have been accepted to the schools I have applied to and I know that would not have been possible without Amie.  What I have learned from her is invaluable.  I look forward to working with her again in the future, to help in my new career path.” – JG

” I wanted to let you know I received the scholarship I was going for, and that the senior member of the interview board said he was impressed in the interview. I think your training was really valuable, so thank you. I also appreciate your input on career advice…this was the toughest career decision I’ve ever made and I know it was the right one.” – AM

“Thank you so much for working with me during the interview prep session. I found it incredibly helpful. It really guided my preparations for my interview. I’m happy to share I was offered the position! I start orientation on Monday and now get to pursue my dream career.” – KR

“Super helpful tips!!! I also got a job not much longer after doing the two interview sessions with her. Definitely recommend if you need help with the process – helped me become much more confident in selling myself!” – SA

“Prior to Amie and SIP:  I was unemployed for 6 months and searching hard for roles equal to, or a step down from my previous.  Countless interviews.

5 weeks After Amie and SIP:   Interviewed with 2 companies.  Received and accepted offer after ONE interview with company #2, for a role that is a level higher than my last.

Amie is a pro.  Excellent coaching.  Excellent insight.  Excellent advice.  Couldn’t have done it without her.  Don’t call her if you want to lounge at home and milk unemployment.  She’ll get you to work.” – SM

“I highly recommend Amie. She is worth every penny. After 3 sessions, I got 2 job offers from a company I had been trying to get into for 6 years! Her tips and help gave me the confidence to land the job of my dreams.” – EG

“I needed some refreshing of my interview skills so I decided to try a coach . Sound Interview provided me with a coach even though it was under very short notice.  I was able to handle the interview with so much more confidence than I would have without their help.  Special thanks to my coach Megan” – GH

“I wanted to let you know that I went through an on-site loop after our last session and I got an offer from Microsoft! I will be starting later this month. Thank you for your coaching! I felt comfortable during the actual interviews.” – JK

“I have my first interview and it’s a big one, 3 hours including video. I have never been so prepared and confident for an upcoming interview. I’ve gone from terrified to excited so thank you.” – RO

“Thank you again for working with me. 2 weeks after our last session I got 2 offers for FTE positions at Microsoft and passed the interviews with flying colors. I start my new FTE role on June 17 and I am so happy!

Thank you for everything!” – EG

“I just wanted to let you know that I got the offer for the job you helped prep me for! Thanks!” – ET

“I’ve just received an offer from Boeing!  Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without your help.” – SK

“I got the job! 🙂 I had my interview yesterday and got a confirmation today from the recruiter. Thank you so much for your help! I know you played a big part in this and I am so grateful.” – MM

“The interviews went great – best interview I’ve ever given! Also – at times I wanted to laugh because all the questions you had given me were asked word-for-word. :)” – JC

“Intelligent, experienced and effective interview coaching. Amie delivered quality coaching right from the get-go with excellent communication, prep and well thought out “homework”. She even helped me understand where I could improve my first impressions (resume/LinkedIn) which was way above and beyond. The first two companies I interviewed with following Amie’s coaching wanted to hire me, and the offer I took came in above what I asked for. I highly recommend this service.” – JD

“Really awesome coaching experience with a lot of excellent feedback. Amie really helped diagnose things I was doing wrong and clearly explained what and how I should answer the questions and the reasons it was a better method. If you are struggling with interviews, this is a very small investment that can pay off big time.” – ED

Thanks Amie for the great interview coaching sessions! They certainly upped my confidence level when going into interviews over the last couple of months. Your idea to create a bank of stories was pivotal in my success in landing my new position. I would recommend you to anyone looking to hone their interviewing skills.” – JB

“Thought I would let you know that I signed an offer letter for an Accounting Manager position late last week.  I appreciate all the time you spent coaching me and all the work that you did to address my problem areas in interviewing. They paid off.  Thank you!”  – SP

“Amie told me the inside information, and I quickly landed my dream job.  She provided valuable advice on salary negotiation which paid for itself many times over with my first paycheck.” – MJ

“Just received the OFFER from AMAZON yesterday evening!!!!!   I am beyond excited and wanted to send a note to thank you for your help through the process.  Amie – you were a fantastic interview coach and really helped me think about the best way to frame up my experience and examples.   THANK YOU!!!!” – NL

“Amie was an incredible help in my job search.  Resumes and the job market, in general, are constantly evolving and her insights allowed me to make sure I was not using out of date formatting for my resume.  Her coaching helped give me an edge in my interviews I would not have had otherwise.” – JR

“I was just offered the job!!!!!! The offer letter is coming later today.  Thanks for everything!!!” – DM

“Thank you so much for your help. I had my interview today and nailed it.” – FH

“Amazon plans to extend an offer as a senior manager. Thanks for your help in prepping me. Really appreciate it.” – AC

“Received an offer last evening from Amazon.  That the coaching was very beneficial. Thank you, Amie for your help.” -BH

“I had my first meeting with Amie this morning.  She is perfect. Very knowledgeable, poised, helpful and easy to talk with. I received some great guidance from her today.” – DF

“Your coaching was great. The practice questions revolved around the questions that were asked.” – EP

“Thank you again for all your help and encouragement.  I believe the coaching was really helpful!” – KM

“Amie was very helpful in getting me ready for a panel interview. I had not had the experience in doing one before, and we were able to set up example questions and responses. I felt very prepared going into my interview. She checked up on the process and was very supportive the whole way through” – AR