Interview & Resume Coaching Services

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I got the job. Thank you, Amie.  Amie coached me through a prospective employer’s extended interview process. Her advice was invaluable. She taught me some key phrases which summarized my own long-winded explanations. She helped me with being concise with my storytelling for previous experience. She helped me become the best candidate possible, and it worked. Thanks once again!” – AR

Interview Coaching

Our Interview Coaching packages are customized to meet your needs.  We offer two options:

  • Professional Coaching (3 hours)
    • Designed for mid-career to senior-level professionals, managers, and executives.
    • Leveraging your depth of experience to build a strong brand.
    • Questions specific to your industry, position, and targeted jobs.
  •  Quick Coaching (90 minutes)
    • Specifically tailored for quick results
    • Focused on building strong interview stories.
    • Addressing common interview questions and pitfalls

Resume Services

Your resume is the first impression on an employer.  Our services will transform your resume to reflect your brand.

  • Professional Resume (60 minutes)
    • Resume consultation for professionals, managers, and executives.
    • Focused on highlighting your accomplishments.
    • Optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems and keyword scanning.

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